Up Syndrome is inspired by my brother Diogo who has Down Syndrome but is the most uplifting person I know. It’s filled with love and nostalgia, representing a childhood that lasts forever. With these photos, I hope to spread the word about these special kids. But mostly I want to promote inclusion and celebrate the differences in all of us.
With visual metaphors and set design compositions I represented different facts and thoughts: The chromosome that makes the difference is present in a pair of socks (find why on instagram). My connection with my brother — two very different people, the strongest bond — is shown in the hand/feet photo. My brother's passions are also present here, Diogo has Down Syndrome, but also 'basketball syndrome' and 'music syndrome'. The one-eye blue creature is distinct but gorgeous; the looks from behind are there because people will always judge, but the smartest will always find the beauty in the strange. The only not so positive photograph in this project shows that the world is not completely ready for them yet (know more here).
Above all, Up Syndrome hands stick to the heart!