This project is part of The Future Express project, which you can find more about here. It was developed during my master's degree in ELISAVA for the subject of Editorial Design.
The Future Express is a traveling school based on future studies. The school specializes in four different categories: Cities, Social, Arts, and Health. Each of them is located on a different train that will take our students on a unique journey all around the world, for six months.
Express the Future is a literary magazine that contains futuristic fictional stories written by the students. Its purpose is to attract the general public and future prospective students.
Each page is color-coded by the category to which the student who has written that story belongs to. Some poetry pages allowed more design experimentation, i.e. compositions with the text inspired by The Future Express's patterns and shapes. When it comes to the illustrations, they are very geometrical and colorful, and strong lines are a lot of times present, assembling the school's identity. To accompany the magazine, there is an exciting extra: the postcards from a remote world.
Illustrations: Malika Favre, Ian Davenport, Petra Erikson, Yoni Alter, Hey Studio