Even though I had no doubts when I decided to follow a design path, my passion for writing was always there. I've always written as a hobby, having blogs throughout my whole teenage years but I was still to apply this skill on a professional level.
In 2018 it finally happened since I got to intern at METAL Magazine, in Barcelona. As the independent magazines obsessed that I am, it was a big deal for me! And the best part was that I got to be in contact with some amazing artists and designers, interview them, and have a blast working in the most luminous office of Poblenou.
One of the publications that I most enjoyed writing was Hope to Nope. It talks about the power of Graphic Design to spread political messages. Nothing's better than feeling that what you do (in my case, design) can be this powerful and that its impact is recognized. Read it below or here:
Whole post here!
Apart from that, I got to write about other exhibitions and interview some of my favorite designers, artists, photographers, and even brands. Some of them were: Vallée Duhamel, Delaney Allen, Starstyling, Thomas Jackson, Goys & Birls, Charlotte Taylor, Anne Hardy, and Viso.