During my master degree in ELISAVA, we had a workshop with Anthony Burrill which was called Advice to your younger self. The challenge was to create a set of two posters that would be part of the instalation in the main hall of the university for the next few years. These posters are supposed to question the younger students, make them reflect or just make them curious, hinting them in how it feels to be part of the creative idustries.
All this thinking took me back to when it all started for me, at Lisbon's Fine Arts University. Even if those first years weren't the ones in which I was the most passionate doing what I do, a lot of what I am as a designer nowadays comes from there. I remember as it was yesterday, when in the first class we had, the teachers told us right away that "designers have a different vision from other people’s, more curious and aware". "We see things that others don’t", they said. I didn't get it right away, but as time went by I stated to understand what they were talking about.